Measures (Medium)
Find out about spheres and hemispheres in this quiz.

Measures (Medium)

The measures on a ruler show millimetres and centimetres. Some rulers also show inches. Millimetres and centimetres are metric units, whereas inches are imperial measurements.

The following symbols may be of use in doing this quiz:

  • millimetre (mm); centimetre (cm); metre (m)
  • milligram (mg); gram (g); kilogram (kg)
  • square millimetre (mm2); square centimetre (cm2); square metre (m2)
  • cubic millimetre (mm3); cubic centimetre (cm3); cubic metre (m3)
  • millilitre (ml or mL); litre (l or L)

Have a look at the symbols above and then do the following 11-plus Maths quiz - good luck.

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  1. A box is 2 m long and 1.5 m wide. How high must it be so that its volume is 4.5 m3?
    Volume = height × width × length ∴ 2 × 1.5 × height = 4.5 m. So, 3 × height = 4.5. Divide both sides by 3 and you get: height = 1.5 m. The 3s on the LHS cancel
  2. Which of the following has been wrongly labelled?
    It should be 'It is 10 cm long'
  3. How many kilometres are there in 1,000,000 (one million) metres?
    1 kilometre = 1,000 m ∴ 1,000,000 m = 1,000,000 ÷ 1,000 = 1,000 km. You have to divide by 1,000 because you want to find out how many 'lots' of 1,000 there are in 1,000,000: each 'lot' equals 1 km
  4. How many square centimetres are there in 3 m2?
    1 m2 = 100 × 100 = 10,000 cm2 ∴ 3 m2 = 3 × 10,000 = 30,000 cm2
  5. What is another name for 'metric ton'?
    Its symbol is 't'. Learn it!
  6. What does 500,000 mg (five hundred thousand milligrams) weigh in kilograms?
    You should have guessed from 'millimetre' that 'milligram' means a thousandth of a gram: so there are 1,000,000 mg in 1 kg ∴ 500,000 mg = 0.5 kg. The quantities of different substances that go into making medicines are described in milligrams
  7. What is 1,610 m the same as?
    1,610 m = 1.61 km = 1 mile
  8. The volume of a sphere is 1,280 cm3. What is the volume of the hemisphere?
    A hemisphere is half a sphere
  9. Which of the following lengths is the longest: 1 m, 100 cm, 1,000 mm?
    1 m = 100 cm = 1,000 mm
  10. Which of the following is the largest volume: 1,000 cm3, 1,000 mm3, 1,000 m3?
    Cubic metres are the largest

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