Give It Up For Lent!

Give-It-Up-For-LentQuestion: How many days does Lent last for?

Answer: 40 – It is a period of fasting and penance in preparation for Easter

Yesterday was the first day of Lent, the forty-day period of fasting which is the lead-up to Easter in the Christian Church (if you’d like to know its origins click here). But even if you are not religious, you may still mark the occasion in your own way – and I don’t just mean by eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday!

In times past Lent was a time for prayer, almsgiving and for abstaining from both food and fun.  It may well still be so for those with a devout faith but for the majority of Christians it has become a time for temporarily giving up one of their vices.  This may be alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate or anything else which is bad for our physical, mental or spiritual health.

Even for those of us who do not share the Christian faith, Lent can be a good time to take stock of our lives.  Similar to making resolutions at the beginning of a New Year, Lent is a time for us to look at ourselves and try to change whichever aspect of our behaviour we are not happy with, whether we want to lose weight, spend less money or do more to help those less fortunate.  But I don’t think it should necessarily be about cutting things out – why not make more time for the things that do us good?

I know some of my own vices: procrastination and laziness being the worst!  I did manage to give up cigarettes just over a year ago so I know that abstention can be very difficult. I think the key is our frame of mind.  If we believe that we are denying ourselves then we make it much harder. If we can replace our vices with other things we enjoy then it’s not quite so much of a struggle.

Want to give up sitting in front of the TV and get more active?  Then fill the time you would have spent lounging with an activity you enjoy like golf or just going for a walk.

Want to stop smoking? Concentrate on the benefits it brings like good health and longer life.

Want to stop swearing?  Take pleasure in the English language and the myriad ways that you can express yourself without resorting to foul language.

These are just a few examples but the idea is the same however you decide to improve yourself.

Have your children given anything up for lent?  Why not ask them?  This may be an opportunity to ‘persuade’ them to drop some of their bad habits.  Whatever you’ve decided to cut out of your life, we at Education Quizzes wish you every success!

Bad Apple

Bad-AppleQuestion: What has technology giant Apple, recently included in their latest software update?

Answer: Disabling devices – If the company detects a device is being repaired by a third-party, they will render the device completely useless.

Recently Apple, the company that brings you the much loved iPhone’s, have begun monitoring devices that are being repaired. In their most recent software update, they started to deactivate any iPhone 6 that has been repaired by a non-Apple engineer. Continue reading

Social Media’s Age Limits

Quyoung social mediaestion: What percent of children aged 10 to 12 in the UK have social media accounts?

Answer: 78% – That is despite rules saying that you need to be 13-years-old or over to sign up

The reason that social media websites claim to set these age limits is to protect the younger generation from cyber bullying and anything else that might make them feel uncomfortable. Continue reading

The Winner Takes It All

The-Winner-Takes-It-AllQuestion: Which board game was first sold 71 years ago this week?

Answer: Monopoly – It is estimated that as many as 250 million copies have been sold since that very first one.

The first edition of Monopoly was sold in the USA in February 1935, but this was not really its beginning. Its origins can be traced to one Elizabeth Magie, a campaigner against land being held by private monopolies. Magie’s invention, The Landlord’s Game, could be played in two different ways – anti-monopolist, in which all are rewarded by wealth creation, and monopolist, in which the goal was to force the other players out of the game.  Perhaps unsurprisingly in America, the “Land of Opportunity”, the second version was the most popular! Continue reading

Happiness Is…

Happiness-IsQuestion: Which age group is the happiest, according to a study by the Office for National Statistics?

Answer: 65-79 year olds. 45-59 were the least satisfied and also the most anxious.

In a recent study aimed at measuring the nation’s wellbeing, 300,000 Britons were asked to give scores out of ten for their happiness, their satisfaction with life and how worthwhile they felt their lives were. The results were published this week and they reveal some interesting facts! Continue reading

Nuff Said

Nuff-SaidQuestion: New spellings in which language have been proposed recently?

Answer: French – over 2,000 words will have an alternative spelling.

New spellings of certain French words are to be published in school books this September. These spellings were proposed back in 1990 by the Académie française. In many cases, the circumflex (the little accent mark) and hyphens are going. Not for good – students can choose to write the word either with or without the accents – but teachers must accept both options as correct. Continue reading

It IS Rocket Science!

It-Is-Rocket-ScienceQuestion: Astronaut Tim Peake has asked children in British schools to grow which type of seeds that have been in Earth’s orbit?

Answer: Rocket, the salad vegetable – The experiment will help us to understand the effect microgravity has on the growth of seeds.

The Royal Horticultural Society’s campaign to promote gardening in schools has teamed up with the European Space Agency to benefit the fields of both science and gardening.  The joint project will help children to understand how the science of space exploration can increase our knowledge of things here on Earth, and also how work done by them can help to further our colonisation of space. Continue reading

The Bloodhound

The-BloodhoundQuestion: What is the current land speed record?

Answer: 763mph (1,228km/h) – The record was set by Andy Green in 1997, in Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA.

The British-led bid to set a new land speed record has been pushed back to 2017, due to the team not having the funds to run the car on its specially designed track in South Africa. The team is also hopeful that the delay will give them more time to attract sponsorship deals. Continue reading

YouTube And The Fine Brothers

YouTube-And-The-Fine-BrothersQuestion: What have the popular YouTube stars “The Fine Brothers’” tried to trademark?

Answer: Reaction videos – A plan to license the format to other video-makers has cost the YouTube stars hundreds of thousands of subscribers

YouTube has been around for 11 years now and it just seems to be growing more and more popular by the second and has some interesting history, before we get into the Fine Brothers, here are some facts about YouTube: Continue reading