Oliver the Pomeranian Pooch

Pomeranian-Running-15.4.17-BlogDo you have a family dog? If so, Education Quizzes would love to hear about him or her. Let us know by filling in the box below this blog. 

When I was a child, my family always had dogs. The first dog we adopted from a neighbour. She used to come and visit our house until eventually she didn’t go back. She was called Duchess and was a boxer crossed with who knew what! Next we had a yellow Labrador called Amy. Then we moved and it wasn’t convenient to take her, so a local farmer agreed to give her a good home. 

A few years later I’d left the family home and got married. We lived abroad for a couple of years and during that time my parents got another dog – a Pomeranian. I asked my Mum to describe the dog as I hadn’t ever heard of a Pom and she told me he looked like a lion. Back then, most homes didn’t have computers (imagine that!) and so we didn’t have easy access to the internet or Google images, so I had no idea what a Pomeranian looked like.  

Pomeranian-Sitting-15.4.17On a visit back to England, I finally got to meet Oliver the Pom Pom (as they are sometimes called – that’s Pom Pom, not Oliver). I was expecting a large dog, especially given the size of our previous dogs. Mum was right – he did look like a lion…albeit a miniature lion.

He was a real cutie to look at, but he was quite the moody character. He never particularly liked anyone other than Mum fussing with him – including Dad or me. He was partial to caramels and wine – yes, Mum used to dip her finger in her glass of wine and he’d lap it all up, eyes slightly closed in delight! 

He’s long gone now and my parents have since had a poodle who died last year. Due to their age, Mum and Dad are unlikely to have another dog now. It’s always very sad when pets die as they are very much part of the family.  

I hope this has encouraged you to write a little about your pet(s). We look forward to reading about them.

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