Awesome Arachnids

Jumping-Spider-13.4.17Blog‘Beautiful’ might not be the first word to come to mind when I ask you to think of spiders! They’re long-legged, eight-eyed, hairy monsters aren’t they? Well, partly. But, if you pay close attention, some of our arachnid friends are really quite attractive. They’re not all black – some are actually very brightly coloured. And – if you can cast aside any preconceived bias, their features are simply splendid. Let’s take a closer look at some of the prettiest spiders.

The jumping spider – These spiders have excellent vision, which also gives them the most adorable shiny eyes. They also have quite colourful markings on their bodies. Take a look at this face and tell me spiders are ugly!

The peacock spider – Who said that it’s only birds that can be bright and colourful? The male has a vivid display on his abdomen which he uses to attract a mate – just like his feathered namesake. To see him in all his glory click here.

The sequined spider – Other names for this creature are the mirror spider and the bling spider. If you take a look at one you’ll see why. Their abdomens are reflective and very colourful. To see for yourself, follow this link.

There are lots of other colourful species of spider. Here’s the names of just a few for you to look up:

  • Striped-Spider-13.4.17Habronattus coecatus
  • Pelegrina pervaga
  • Phidippus audax
  • Hentzia palmarum
  • Sitticus fasciger

And it’s not just the spiders themselves which are so beautiful. Their webs are awesome sights in themselves. So, next time you think about spiders, just remember what delightful creatures they can be!

If you like spiders then take a look at this quiz all about them. It’s free-to-play and one of over 60 in our nature section. Give it a go and see how well you know these eight-legged arthropods!

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