Seven Word Wonders of the World

Giraffe-Wevil-19.4.17-BlogAs a player of word games, such as Scrabble and Upwords, I take notice of words – especially how they are spelled. Some words I particularly like for the way they are spelt, some for the way they sound and some for their unusualness. One of the most unusual spelling vs sounding words I’ve come across is the name Siobahn, which is pronounced (in English) ‘Shervorn’.  

Today I thought I’d write about words I like which are primarily found in nature. Enjoy! 

  • Axolotl – not only is it 7 letters long and therefore an all-outer in Scrabble (which is worth 50 extra points), it also uses the X. An axolotl is a salamander which is an amphibian
  • Kumquat – another 7-lettered word, this time using the Q. A kumquat is a small fruit, the size of big grape and is similar in colour and taste to an orange. The word derives from Cantonese (a variety of Chinese) and means ‘golden orange’ or ‘golden tangerine’
  • Squirrel – I love the pronunciation of this word, especially when used as a verb
  • Aardvark – There aren’t many words in English that take two of the letter A. I can think of one other – haar – which is an East-coast fog. The word conjures up the idea of a villain called Vark who thinks he’s tough and calls himself Blue-Footed-Booby-19.4.17‘ard Vark (hard Vark!)
  • Booby – I kid you not. Boobies are seabirds related to gannets. The word derives from the Spanish word ‘bobo’ which means stupid. Boobies have a tame nature and are therefore easily captured and eaten – silly birds. The image to the right is of a blue-footed booby
  • Weevil – this is such an onomatopoeic word in my mind. I imagine something very small scurrying around hurriedly. Weevils are beetles and there are over 60,000 species. The top image is a giraffe weevil – amazing, isn’t it?!
  • Platypus – such a lovely-sounding word. I wrote about the duck-billed platypus last year

Do you have certain words you particularly like? Why not let us know by completing the box below. You could also add some information about the word such as its meaning and origin.

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