Focussed GCSE Revision

So, you have a never-ending list of GCSE exams to prepare for, you want to get stuck in to revision but your mind keeps wandering. Don’t say it doesn’t happen because it happens to Oxford dons sometimes! The question is how to stay focussed and one answer is to play educational quizzes. Here’s how it works…

Our 10 question quizzes make you constantly THINK. Each time a question is posed your brain has to get into gear to come up with an answer. Contrast that with conventional swatting when your brain often finds it easier to amble along in neutral. How often have you pulled yourself up because the last few paragraphs you read simply didn’t register?

Our GCSE revision quizzes are written by teachers to help you stay focussed and they concentrate on the essential knowledge you need for exam success. Access to the entire suite of quizzes costs only £9.95 per month so all you need now is someone with a credit card. Lines you might use on your mum and dad include “£9.95 a month to secure my educational success..”, “It will benefit me for the rest of my life…”, “Less than a pint of beer a week”. You get the idea – have fun!

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