Mistakes in programs are called bugs - but they are not bugs like this one!


This quiz addresses part of the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2 in Computing. Specifically it looks at executing a simple program, bugs and the debugging cycle. It is one of 20 quizzes to help you find out about how computers work, and how they affect all our lives.

Writing algorithms is fun. Writing code is fun. When you have written all the code, you have a program. Then you try out the program. This is called executing the program. But does the program work? What if there are bugs in the program? A bug is a mistake. Often bugs are there because the codes are in the wrong order. So then you have to go through all the code to find the mistake. This is called the debugging cycle. It is a bit like a detective puzzle.

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  1. Ellie’s program does not work. So Ellie looks for the bug and puts it right. Ellie is _________ the program.
    There might be more than one bug in Ellie’s programme
  2. Ellie is trying out a program. She is _______ it.
    Ellie is running or executing the program
  3. Freddy is designing toy traffic lights. He programs a toy car to stop when the lights are red and go when the lights are green. He writes this program:

    If Red, Go
    If Green, Go

    Freddy tests his program. But the car does not stop at a red light. Can you help Freddy debug his program? What should Freddy code?
    The car has to stop at the red light, and only go when it is green
  4. What will happen if there is a bug in Ellie’s program?
    There are often lots of bugs in a program
  5. Alice has a program to make a computer do sums. There are three codes she can use:


    Alice wants the computer to add two numbers and show the result. Alice writes:


    There is a bug in Alice’s code. What should she write?
    What should Alice write to take away one number from another number and show the result?
  6. Programs are written. Then they are tested. Any bugs are put right. Then they are tested again until they are working properly. This is called the _________ cycle.
    Debugging programs is very important
  7. Sunil has written a program for a washing machine. The washing machine must wash, rinse and spin in that order. He writes a code:

    Rinse Wash Spin

    His program does not work properly. What should Sunil write?
    You need to wash the clothes before you rinse them
  8. Ellie thinks she has found a bug in her program. The program is to make a toy robot stop when it gets to a wall. This is the bug:

    Yes - Forward
    No - Stop

    Ellie corrects the code. What does she write?
    Ellie then tests her program again
  9. Ellie debugs her program. It works really well all the time now. Ellie’s program is a _______.
    Ellie has done really well
  10. What is a mistake in a program called?
    We all make mistakes! There are often bugs in computer programs first time round

Author: David Bland

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