Year 1 - The Sound ore
See if you can SCORE ten out of ten in this quiz!

Year 1 - The Sound ore

This 'Sound ore' spelling quiz tests KS1 children on spellings with the ‘ore’ sound. The words used in this quiz have been taken from and extended to those in the National Curriculum.

Often the ‘or’ sound is written like that, with those two letters. However, sometimes it is spelt like this trigraph: ‘ore’. This quiz will test you on words with this sound. Can you spell the missing words?

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  1. I had cheese ____ I went to bed.
    An old wives' tale says that if you eat cheese before you go to bed, you'll have nightmares.
  2. Please don't ____ on the plane.
    Snoring often happens when someone can't breathe through their nose.
  3. I hate tidying; it's a real ____.
    A chore is a household job that you don't really like doing.
  4. Please sir, I want some ____?
    This is a famous line from Charles Dickens' book, Oliver Twist.
  5. He shoots, he ____!
    If you kick the ball in the wrong net, it's called an 'own goal'.
  6. He ____ his navy uniform every day.
    The navy is the same as the army except they train and battle at sea.
  7. They opened a new clothing ____.
    The last answer does contain the 'ore' sound as 'oar' sounds the same.
  8. You are a ____; I'm really ____.
    Because the word bore ends in an 'e', we just need to add a 'd' to change the tense.
  9. The mermaid swam to the ____.
    Mermaids are legends; this means they don't exist but people used to believe they did.
  10. I ____ baby monkeys!
    If you adore something or someone it means you love them deeply.

Author: Finola Waller

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