Year 1 - The Sound qu
To show he was sorry, he bought her a beautiful BOUQUET.

Year 1 - The Sound qu

This 'Sound qu' spelling quiz adds to the spellings KS1 children will find useful in Year 1. The spellings with this digraph are an addition to the suggestions in the National Curriculum.

The phonics movement for the ‘qu’ sound is shown by making a beak/bill like a duck, as if to say ‘quack’. This quiz will ask you to spell words with the ‘qu’ sound. Can you spell the missing words?

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  1. Is this ____ hard?
    If you ask a question, you must always end it with a question mark, which looks like this: ?
  2. Keep going, don't ____!
    The first three words all look very similar but they mean different things.
  3. She is extremely ____.
    The most famous bicycle race is called the Tour de France and happens in.... France!
  4. I am ____ ____ when I walk on my tiptoes.
    This was to see if you could tell the difference between those two words that often get confused!
  5. I love doing this ____!
    There are hundreds of quizzes available on this site to help you with all areas of KS1!
  6. This is a patchwork ____.
    A quilt is something you put on your bed. Patchwork is a style of quilt where lots of small pieces of material are sewn together to make one large quilt.
  7. This is a picture of a ____.
    You can eat squid fried and chopped in rings - this is called calamari.
  8. The shapes in this picture are ____.
    A square is a 2D shape, a cube is a 3D square.
  9. In the olden days, to write, they used to use a ____.
    They would dip the quill in ink before writing with it.
  10. They are both being ____.
    People often get confused between the word 'quite' and 'quiet'.

Author: Finola Waller

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