Year 1 - Words ending in y

Year 1 - Words ending in y

Words ending in y are pronounced as 'ee'. This spelling quiz will introduce KS1 children to these 'y' ending words. All the words in this quiz have been taken from the recommended spellings for Year 1, as stated in National Curriculum.

Sometimes a word ends with an ‘ee’ sound but it is shown by the letter ‘y’. This quiz will test you on spellings that end with ‘y’. Can you spell the missing words?

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  1. This flower is called a ____.
    November 11th is called Remembrance Day; on this day people wear poppies and remember soldiers who fought in wars.
  2. She had her ____ in the ____.
    Every country has cities and also a capital city. The capital city of England is London.
  3. She is a ____ girl.
    You can't pick the gender of a baby - so mums and dads have no idea what you'll be until you're in their belly or born!
  4. When we do this test, please don't ____.
    There's a saying for copying: you're only cheating yourself. This means you are the one who will pay in the end as you'll never learn.
  5. This is a close up of a ____. Can you see his ____.
    Fruit flies have hairy bodies and sticky feet.
  6. He was ____ ____ to receive his new bat.
    The large wooden area of a cricket bat is called the 'blade'.
  7. Will you ____ and ____ on our neighbours?
    Spies really do exist; in England we have MI5 that look after our country.
  8. He told a ____ joke.
    Here's a joke: Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side!
  9. She invited her ____ round for dinner.
    Sometimes words can end with 'ey' or 'ie'; they both make the 'y' sound.
  10. The ____ driver was eating a ____.
    He could have been eating strawberries, blueberries, goji berries or raspberries - to name just a few!

Author: Finola Waller

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