Year 2 - Ending with en and on
Reading and writing will help with your spelling.

Year 2 - Ending with en and on

This 'Ending with en and on' spelling quiz tests KS1 children on the spellings with words that end with these two digraphs. These spellings are an addition to the curriculum and will be words that are used in Year 2 vocabulary.

Sometimes words end with ‘en’ or ‘on’ and both digraphs sound the same. This quiz will ask you to find the missing words that end in either of these two sounds. See how well you do.

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  1. I have ____ him a ____ on how to play the drums.
    Lessen is a word and means to become less, so that wouldn't fit our sentence.
  2. Summer is my favourite ____.
    In England, summer is usually hot!
  3. He was bad and was sent to ____.
    If you commit a crime, you could go to prison.
  4. What will ____ if I don't do my homework?
    Here the last two letters are 'en'.
  5. The evil man poured ____ over the king's soup.
    Poison is always symbolised by a skull and two crossbones - this is a sign that tells you straight away it can seriously hurt or kill you!
  6. I will ____ that ____!
    This is what the witch did in Hansel and Gretel - she fattened them with the aim of eating them after!
  7. There are ____ ____.
    Kittens are baby cats; like puppies are baby dogs.
  8. He was so full up he had to undo his top ____.
    This word ends with 'on'.
  9. Every human has a ____.
    Animals that don't have skeletons are called 'soft-bodied'.
  10. All of a ____ there was a huge crash!
    This is a good way to start a sentence: All of a sudden ...

Author: Finola Waller

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