Year 2 - Ending with le
How many books do you own?

Year 2 - Ending with le

This 'Ending with le' spelling quiz tests KS1 children on words that end with this digraph. This is the most common ending to a word with this sound. All the spellings have been taken from the National Curriculum.

When a word ends in the ‘al/au/le’ sound it is more often than not written ‘le’. Obviously there are lots of exceptions but this quiz is all about these ‘le’ ending words. See if you can spell the missing words.

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  1. If they aren't careful those ____ will ____ over that statue.
    Topple means lean on something too much and cause it to fall over.
  2. My ____ went to the ____.
    Your uncle is either your mother's brother or your father's brother.
  3. Can I have a free ____ of the chocolate bar called ____.
    The reason Ripple has a capital letter is because that is its official name.
  4. Get ____ because we are reading The ____.
    The Bible is extremely long but luckily it is sectioned into two halves: the Old Testament and the New Testament.
  5. Squish the ____ and put it in a ____.
    This would then make apple juice!
  6. Don't disrupt me, I'm in the ____ of a ____.
    A puzzle could mean anything that confuses you or an actual physical puzzle with pieces that you need to slot together, like a jigsaw.
  7. Put the ____ in at an ____.
    Make sure you don't get the words angel and angle confused!
  8. Put the milk on the ____.
    All these words end with the same sound but this quiz is on words that end 'le'.
  9. The bird in front is a big ____ and the one behind is a ____ bird.
    A baby eagle is called a fledgling or eaglet.
  10. The ____ began to ____.
    Would you like to live in a castle?

Author: Finola Waller

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