Apostrophes - Contractions (Adding 'Not')
I have not been to the new pizza place. Do you know how to shorten 'have not'?

Apostrophes - Contractions (Adding 'Not')

This quiz looks at apostrophes for contractions and teaches children about connecting two words, the latter being ‘not’. The National Curriculum asks that KS1 children in Year 2 know that they should use an apostrophe to mark when a letter is missing. This section is on all the possible words that add the contraction ‘not’. This quiz will improve their understanding of English and literacy.

The shorter way of writing ‘is not’ is ‘isn't’. When you shorten two words like this, it’s called a contraction because they are made smaller, or contracted. The apostrophe (') stands for the 'o' that has been left out. We can join ‘not’ to lots of words.

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  1. Which of these answers is perfect?
    There were three contractions in the sentence. Currently, the fastest roller coaster in the world is in Abu Dhabi.
  2. These bananas are not ripe. Which of these answers is the contraction for 'are not'?
    The scientific name for bananas is musa sapientum, which means “fruit of the wise men.”
  3. She is not scared. Which of these contractions is correct for 'is not'?
    You must always include the apostrophe as this represents the missing letter.
  4. Which of these sentences is correct, with the correct use of a contraction?
    Haven't is 'have' and 'not' contracted. The sentence would make sense with the words separated or contracted, it depends on the type of writing you are doing. If this was a serious letter, then you should write the two words out separately and not contract.
  5. She does not like the taste of that yogurt. Which of these contractions is correct for 'does not'?
    Yogurt is believed to have originated thousands of years ago in Eastern Europe and Asia.
  6. Hasn't he got a big hat! In the word hasn't, which letter is missing out?
    The word 'hasn't' is 'has' and 'not' pushed together. This style of hat is called a sombrero and can be bought in Mexico.
  7. She has not got much further to travel. Which of these answers is the contraction for 'has not'?
    I wonder what she's got on her back.
  8. He was not allowed to eat my cake. Which of these answers is the contraction for 'was not'?
    Many weddings include a white cake but it was Queen Victoria who had the first white cake, that's why white icing is now called 'royal icing'.
  9. Which of these answers is perfect?
    Remember, sentences can include more than one contraction.
  10. He won't stop playing his video game. Which of these words is not a contraction for 'not'?
    The word 'won't' is 'will not' contracted but as you can see, the word changes slightly - this is something that needs to be remembered.

Author: Finola Waller

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