Fiction or Non-Fiction Texts
Comics are works of fiction.

Fiction or Non-Fiction Texts

This picture quiz takes a look at Fiction or Non-Fiction Texts. It asks KS1 children to identify the difference between the two categories and teaches them about some of the genres available. It also tests their comprehension skills and asks them to match titles to either fiction or non-fiction. This will help improve their English and literacy skills.

There are two types of books: fiction and non-fiction. Fiction books are made up and not real, whereas non-fiction books share information that is factual. Test your knowledge on Fact and Fiction books.

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  1. Which of these books is fiction?
    Gnomes are believed to be good luck charms.
  2. What is another way of saying non-fiction?
    We can either call them non-fiction or fact/factual books.
  3. Within non-fiction books there are genres. A genre is a type or style of book. Which answer is not a style or genre?
    A historical book will be set in the past, science fiction books are normally about aliens or based in the future where robots take over and thrillers are tense, page turners that might involve a murder or crime and lots of action.
  4. Which of these is not a section you'd see in the library?
    In the library, they group books into styles or genres and then into alphabetical order. Next time you go to the library have a look at all the different types of books available.
  5. Which of these is not a genre?
    Sci-fi is short for Science Fiction and the picture, shown above, looks like it is from a futuristic world. Romance involves stories of love and horror will scare you!
  6. Which of these books is non-fiction?
    'Of Mice and Men' is a very well-known book and is often studied by GCSE students.
  7. Which of these books is fiction?
    The last three answers are all books that give us facts and knowledge and are widely used.
  8. Which of these books would be a fiction book?
    Any books that say 'Fact', 'How to' or 'autobiography' will be based on facts.
  9. Which of these is a non-fiction book?
    A dictionary is a book that contains every word and explains what the words mean.
  10. Which of these answers explains what a fiction book is?
    Fiction books will be stories that are made up. Sometimes they can be based on true characters but there will always be elements that mean it isn't real or completely true to life.

Author: Finola Waller

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