Letters - Consonants
What is the difference between a consonant and a vowel?

Letters - Consonants

This Letters quiz focusses on consonants and teaches KS1 children that the alphabet is made up of consonants and vowels. This quiz works in relation with the Vowels Quiz and will aid their learning of the indefinite article, along with improving their literacy and English skills.

The alphabet is made up of twenty-one consonants and five vowels. It is important to know which letters are consonants and which are not.

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  1. How many consonants are in the word 'try'?
    The word 'try' only contains consonants and the 'y' acts as a vowel sound.
  2. How many consonants are in the word 'doughnut'?
    Doughnuts used to be called 'oily cakes'.
  3. Which word has the most consonants?
    One of the longest words to not have any vowels in is 'rhythms'.
  4. How many consonants are there?
    There are 21 consonants, the remaining five are vowels.
  5. Which letter is not a consonant?
    There aren't many words that don't have consonants.
  6. Which word has the most consonants?
    A male horse is called a stallion and a female horse is called a mare.
  7. Which word has the most consonants?
    Dogs can sleep for up to sixteen hours a day!
  8. Which letter is a consonant?
    The five vowels are 'aeiou' - all the other letters are consonants.
  9. Which word has the fewest consonants?
    Did you know - chickens can see in colour.
  10. How many consonants are in the word 'playground'?
    Most words have a mixture of consonants and vowels.

Author: Finola Waller

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