Narrative - Third Person
Keeping a diary is a fun way to learn English!

Narrative - Third Person

This quiz looks at third person narrative and works alongside the Narrative - First Person quiz. This task will teach KS1 children that instead of ‘I’ they can work in third person, through the voice of a narrator. This will not only expand on their growing knowledge of literacy and the English language, but will also aid their creative writing skills.

When you read a story, there are characters and there is also a narrator. The narrator tells you what is happening but you don’t know who they are or what they look like. Any stories with a narrator are called third person narrative. This means the story isn’t from one point of view but from many.

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  1. Which answer is written in third person?
    Even though the word 'I' is in the sentence, it is the character speaking, not the narrator.
  2. Which answer is written in third person?
    The first video game was made in 1958 and called Tennis for Two.
  3. Which answer is written in third person?
    A person who studies dinosaurs is called a paleontologist.
  4. Which of these answers is written in third person narrative?
    Third person narrative will use words like 'she', 'he', 'they' etc.
  5. Which answer is written in third person?
    The last answer would be correct if it said 'he said' instead of 'I said'.
  6. Which answer is written in third person?
    Remember, you will only use the word 'I' when a character is speaking.
  7. Which answer is written in third person?
    The most famous magician of all time was called Harry Houdini.
  8. Which answer is written in third person?
    Although this diary entry is in third person narrative, you should always use first person narrative when writing a diary.
  9. How is third person narrative different to first person narrative?
    The benefit of writing in third person is that you can describe things easier and say how other characters are feeling. If you write in third person, though, you must always stay in that narrative.
  10. Which sentence is not written in third person narrative?
    If a character is speaking, you can use 'I' but if it is the narrator or story teller, then you can't.

Author: Finola Waller

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