The snake hissed. The word 'hiss' is an example of onomatopoeia.


This quiz works on expanding the vocabulary of children in Key Stage 1. Onomatopoeia words are used in their daily lives and it is important for them to know how to write them. Stories can be brought to life by using onomatopoeia and this quiz aims to improve their knowledge of literacy and, of course, the English language.

Sometimes it’s easier to say what we want to write. This is certainly the case when we want to explain the noise of a crashing window pane. That’s why we use words called onomatopoeias – they are words that spell sounds.

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  1. Which word describes the noise a runny tap makes?
    The word tells you what is happening and the sound it makes. All the other answers are onomatopoeias too.
  2. What noise will these children make when they jump?
    Trampolining is in the Olympics!
  3. This person is diving into the water. What sound will this make?
    A fixed diving board is called a platform.
  4. Finish this sentence with an onomatopoeia: The bomb went...
    Onomatopoeias make your writing more vivid and interesting, so try to include one next time you write a story.
  5. Finish this sentence with an onomatopoeia: The wolf went...
    Wolves live and hunt in groups called packs.
  6. Which word sounds like the noise a dog makes?
    Onomatopoeias try to recreate the way a noise sounds through letters.
  7. What noise do bees make?
    For this, we could say they buzz or bzzzz.
  8. Finish this sentence with an onomatopoeia: The doorbell went...
    Nowadays you can change the sound of your doorbell, whereas before it always made a 'ding dong' noise.
  9. Finish this sentence with an onomatopoeia: The crying baby screamed...
    The word 'waaa' won't be in the dictionary as it's a made up word. It's a word used to explain a sound.
  10. Finish this sentence with an onomatopoeia: The fire...
    Every house should have a fire alarm fitted - it's best to be safe!

Author: Finola Waller

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