Asking Questions In Geography
Some people walk to school. Others come by bus or car. How do you get to school?

Asking Questions In Geography

This quiz addresses part of the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2 in Geography. Specifically it looks at asking questions aimed at finding simple information about one's locality. It is one of 50 quizzes to help you understand the world around you.

At school, you get asked lots of questions. Sometimes the answers are easy. Sometimes you have to go and find out the answers. Sometimes the teacher asks you to think of a question. In geography, to find information you need to ask questions. How do people live in different places and in different countries? What do different parts of the world look like? How do people travel about? Where are the world’s great oceans? This quiz is about finding answers to more simple questions. What questions would be good to ask about where you live, or your locality? How will you answer them?

  1. Alice travels on a school bus. She wants to find out how many children use the school bus. What should she do?
    Do you know any children who get to school by bus?
  2. Sam wants to find out about children’s diet. He decides to ask all the children in his class a question. What should he ask?
    What do you eat at lunchtime?
  3. Hannah wants to find out where people shop in her town. She asks her Mum and Dad, all her Aunties and Uncles, and her Grandmas. Which one of these questions does she ask?
    Who would you ask in your family?
  4. Sunil is doing a project about where children in his school live. Which one of these is a question Sunil could ask?
    What other questions should Sunil ask?
  5. Ella is doing a project about getting to school. She does a survey of the children in her class. What should she ask?
    What sort of different ways can children get to school?
  6. Connor wants to find out where people go on holiday. He writes a survey. Which one of these is a question in Connor’s survey?
    Where did you go on holiday last year?
  7. The teacher asks Lucy a question. Do we live in a hilly area?

    Lucy isn’t sure. What should Lucy do to find out?
    Do you live in a hilly area?
  8. Sarah wants to find out about the weather in her area. Which one of these questions could help her find out?
    Sarah could keep a weather diary
  9. Natasha lives in London. Her teacher asks her how many people live in London.

    Natasha goes to a website all about London. It has key facts about London. Which one will tell Natasha how many people live in London?
    How many people live in London - what is the population of London?
  10. All the children in Tom’s class speak English. The teacher asks Tom to find out about the other languages spoken by children in the class.

    Tom has five best friends in the class. He asks them what languages they speak. Two of his best friends speak Polish and one speaks Urdu.

    Tom tells his teacher: ‘Three children in our class speak English and another language.’

    Why does the teacher not give Tom a gold star?
    The more children Tom asks, the better his results will be

Author: David Bland

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