Directions - Following Directions
Have you ever lost a toy under your sofa or your bed?

Directions - Following Directions

This quiz addresses part of the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2 in Geography. Specifically it looks at following directions and understanding positions. It is one of 50 quizzes to help you understand the world around you.

Do you know your left from your right? It can be confusing! To find their way around, people use maps and they ask questions. People ask for directions. Have you ever been told the positions of things without understanding what was meant, so you could not find them? Has your Mum or your Dad ever asked you to go and fetch something from your room, and told you how to find it? This quiz is all about being given directions, and then following them.

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  1. Sam is out with his family. They want to find the museum. Sam’s Dad asks a man for directions. ‘Go back the way you came. The museum is on the right,’ the man says.

    Sam’s Dad thanks the man. What do Sam and his family do then?
    They need to turn round and go back the way they came
  2. Sam’s class are playing rounders. It’s Sam’s turn to bat. He hits the ball a very long way. He sets off to the right and runs all the way round the circle. Everyone cheers.

    Which way did Sam run round the circle?
    Look at a clock with hands. The hands go round the clock in a clockwise direction
  3. What is the opposite of turning right?
    How do you get from your front door to your bedroom? Can you give directions?
  4. Sam’s Mum asks Sam to bring a box of toys downstairs. ‘They are under your bed,’ she says. Where should Sam go to get the box of toys?
    Where do you keep your toys?
  5. Sam’s Mum asks him to bring some socks. ‘They are in the top drawer in your bedroom, next to the wardrobe.’ Where should Sam look for the socks?
    Where do you keep your socks?
  6. Sam has lost his school bag. His Dad says that it is under the newspaper. Where is Sam’s school bag?
    Where do you keep your school bag?
  7. Sam’s Dad is in town. He asks someone how to get to the Town Hall. ‘Keep going straight on,’ he is told. What does Sam’s Dad do?
    Sam’s Dad has asked someone for directions
  8. Sam is in a big shop with his Mum. They are on the first-floor. Sam’s Mum wants to buy some shoes. The shop sells shoes on the ground-floor. How do they get to the ground-floor?
    Which floor is above the first-floor?
  9. Sam’s class are playing rounders. It’s Sam’s turn to bat. He hits the ball. The children shout, ‘Run, Sam, run!’ He sets off running to the first post. Which direction does he run?
    Do you like playing rounders?
  10. Sam has lost his toy car. His Mum says that it is at the back of the sofa. Where should Sam look for his toy car?
    Have you ever lost a toy? What happened?

Author: David Bland

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