Directions - Sam's Route To School
Do you know why zebra crossings are called zebra crossings?

Directions - Sam's Route To School

This quiz addresses part of the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2 in Geography. Specifically it looks at the directions taken when following a particular route. It is one of 50 quizzes to help you understand the world around you.

Sam goes to a particular primary school near his home. His Mum or his Dad walk with him to the school. Sam tells a friend the route he takes to get to school. Sam tells his friend his directions for the walk to school. Each question is a different part of Sam’s walk. After following Sam's directions, see if you can answer all the questions.

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  1. Sam says: ‘I come out of our front door and turn left along our street. Our street is called Windsor Avenue.’

    How does Sam set off for school?
    Do you live on a street? What is it called?
  2. Sam continues: ‘When we get to the end of Windsor Avenue, we turn left onto Lincoln Road.’

    What do Sam and his Mum or Dad do?
    Sam is on his way to school
  3. Sam says: ‘We pass the Methodist Church on our left. Then we cross Lincoln Road using the zebra crossing.’

    Which road is the Methodist Church on?
    Be careful using a zebra crossing
  4. ‘I walk to school with my Mum or my Dad,’ Sam says. ‘After the zebra crossing, we turn left and carry on along Lincoln Road.’

    Which way do they turn after the zebra crossing?
    Why do you think zebra crossings are called zebra crossings?
  5. ‘Then we get to the main road. I press the button and wait for the green man to light up.’

    When the green man lights up, what do they do?
    Always wait for the green man at traffic lights
  6. Sam tells his friend: ‘My Mum walks on my right, but my Dad walks on my left. After we cross the main road, we carry on along Lincoln Road.’

    What do Sam and his Mum or Dad do after they cross the main road?
    Sam is not far from his school
  7. ‘On the corner of Lincoln Road and Chester Grove there is a shop. It sells sweets and drinks. We turn right into Chester Grove and walk past the sweet shop.’

    What does Sam do?
    Is there a corner shop near where you live?
  8. Sam says, ‘I can see the school. It is on Chester Grove. The school playground is on the right. I go into the school playground.’

    How does Sam get into the school playground?
    What shape is the playground at your local school?
  9. ‘To get into school, my Mum or Dad takes me to the main entrance. This is round the right-hand side of the building.’

    Where is the main door to the school?
    Where is the main door at your local school?
  10. ‘My classroom is right at the end of the corridor. The door to my classroom is on the left. We line up to go in along the left-hand side of the corridor.’

    Where is the door to Sam’s classroom?
    How can you get from your house to your local school? Could you give a friend directions?

Author: David Bland

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