Vocabulary 2
The Pyramids were built many, many years ago.

Vocabulary 2

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 History for children aged 5, 6 and 7 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with using a wide vocabulary of everyday historical terms..

As KS1 children learn how to talk about the passing of time, and recognise that historical events may have happened long ago or more recently, they begin using a wider vocabulary, including some historical terms, to help them describe these events comparatively. For example, they may understand that events like the Olympics or a celebrity wedding have happened relatively recently, but that the Roman invasion of the country happened a very long time ago.

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  1. History is about things which have happened in the past, sometimes very...
    History is all about the past - even if that's thousands of years ago
  2. Events such as the two World Wars, the Industrial Revolution and the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II are all part of..
    Modern history is concerned with events which happened in the last few centuries
  3. Things which I can remember happening all form part of our...
    Recent history means things which have happened not so long ago, perhaps even last week
  4. Most peoples' lives can be measured in...
    Most people can expect to live for around 8 decades or more
  5. I was born _____ Queen Victoria.
    Queen Victoria was born almost 200 years ago!
  6. Major events which may one day be recorded in history could easily happen in...
    Who knows what major events will happen in our lifetimes?
  7. The invention of the telephone happened ______ than the discovery of fire.
    Fire was discovered by cavemen - the invention of the telephone happened much more recently
  8. The building of the pyramids, the Roman invasion and the Dark Ages are all considered to be...
    All of these events happened many, many years ago
  9. The Roman Empire, The Aztecs and The Incas are all considered to be...
    We can still learn a lot from ancient civilisations
  10. Events have happened in history ____ I was born.
    When we talk about history, we mean anything which has happened in the past - even hundreds or thousands of years ago!

Author: Angela Smith

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