KS1 RE Quiz
Religious Objects
Prayer mats can be very colourful!

Religious Objects

This Religious Objects RE quiz teaches KS1 children about the different items that can be found within religious buildings and homes. Most of the answers have been mentioned in the previous quizzes.

Religious objects can be within the place of worship or you could wear something religious, like a necklace with a symbol on it. Test your knowledge on these objects.

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  1. Jewish people use this to point to the Torah but what is it called?
    This stops them from using their fingers and ruining the holy scroll.
  2. Sikhs wear a silver bracelet but what is it called?
    The kara is one of the five Ks.
  3. I am going to a mosque. Which of these items should I take with me?
    Some mosques have mats drawn or sewn into the carpet but you can still place your mat on top of that.
  4. Some Muslims wear this to cover their face. What is it called?
    Some women just wear a veil over their face, whilst some wear one that covers their whole body.
  5. This is often worn on necklaces or seen in which building?
    This is Jesus on a cross or crucifix.
  6. What is a kippah?
    This is only worn by the men.
  7. Which three items are names of holy books used by three different religions?
    These are used by Muslims, Jews and then Christians.
  8. The person wearing this necklace will be...
    This is the Star of David and is a star with six corners.
  9. Many Sikhs carry a wooden comb but what is it called?
    This is kept tucked inside the Sikh's hair.
  10. This area of the church is called an...
    The altar is where the priest or vicar will stand and give the service.

Author: Finola Waller

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