Materials - Changing Things
If a pane of glass is broken it won't put itself back together again. The change is permanent!

Materials - Changing Things

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with materials and how they change, for example when cooking.

Materials don’t always stay the same. If you stretch a rubber band, it will bounce back again. But if you chop up a carrot, you can’t put the carrot back together again. When you are baking a cake, the ingredients all look different. But when you mix them together and cook them, they change and become a new material. The cooked cake doesn’t look like any of the ingredients. Let’s find out a bit more about how materials change.

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  1. Lucy and her dad are making a pizza. What must they do before the pizza is ready to eat?
    Do you like pizza? What is your favourite pizza topping?
  2. Danny and Alex are making a cake. The ingredients are flour, butter and eggs. What must they do with the ingredients?
    Have you ever baked a cake?
  3. Which one of these will go back to how it was?
    The rubber band can go back to how it was. The other changes are permanent
  4. If you stretch a spring - not too much - the spring gets longer. If you then let go of the spring, what happens?
    The spring can go back to its original shape and size
  5. Carla is making ice cubes in the freezer. She pours water into the trays. She puts the trays into the freezer. The water freezes into ice.

    Later, Carla takes the ice cubes out of the freezer. She leaves them in a warm room. What happens to the ice cubes?
    Water can freeze, and then it can melt again
  6. The candle is made of wax. The candle is:
    As the candle burns, there is less and less candle wax
  7. Karen is making a cup of tea. She pours milk into the tea and stirs it. The milky tea is a mixture. What is mixed together?
    Do you like drinking tea or coffee?
  8. Li cuts a piece of card in two. When she lets go of the two pieces of card, what happens?
    Li can stick the pieces back together, but they don’t go back like a spring or a rubber band
  9. Joe is blowing up a red balloon. The balloon is getting very big. Joe does not tie the balloon. He lets go of the balloon. It shoots off and all the air comes out. What happens to the size of the balloon?
    Balloons are like springs and rubber bands. They can go back to their original size
  10. This candle has been burning for a long time. Some of the wax has melted and run down the sides of the candle. Then the wax has cooled and turned back into a _____.
    Do you have candles on your birthday cake?

Author: David Bland

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