Materials - Properties (Investigating)
Feathers are a very soft and light material.

Materials - Properties (Investigating)

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with investigating simple properties of materials.

You have investigated materials. In your investigations you have done simple experiments and found out different properties. In this quiz you have to choose which you think will be the best material. Each question asks you to choose between four different materials. Each question is about a simple property of materials - hardness, softness, strength, bendiness, and so on. Can you choose the best material? Which has the best property for the job? How many can you get right?

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  1. Liam asks, ‘Which one of these materials is the roughest?’
    Even smooth concrete is rough compared to cardboard
  2. Leo asks, ‘Which one of these is the softest material?’
    Pillows used to be filled with feathers because they were soft
  3. Adil asks, ‘Which one of these materials is the stretchiest?’
    Rubber is the most elastic
  4. Freddie asks, ‘Which one of these materials is the smoothest?’
    Mirrors are smooth so that you can see a clear image
  5. Abby asks, ‘Which one of these is the bendiest?’
    The Slinky Spring is the most flexible
  6. Annie-Lee asks, ‘Which one of these materials is the shiniest?’
    Gold is shiny. It is used for rings and jewellery
  7. Emma asks, ‘Which one of these materials is the most transparent?’
    Some glass is coloured. But clear glass is always transparent
  8. Toni asks, ‘Which one of these is the strongest material?’
    Bricks are strong, but iron is stronger
  9. Ellie asks, ‘Which one of these materials is the weakest?’
    Cotton is very thin, but it is really quite strong
  10. Sarah asks, ‘Which one of these is the hardest material?’
    Steel is a metal. It is made from iron

Author: David Bland

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