Materials - Testing the Properties
Despite having colour, stained glass is still transparent.

Materials - Testing the Properties

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with testing the properties of materials.

At school you have looked at different materials. You have done simple tests on materials. Things we can test, like strength or stretchiness, are called properties. How can you test which material is the strongest or which material is the stretchiest? Can you plan how to test different materials? In this quiz, you are asked about the best ways to test the properties of different materials.

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  1. Tom has some straws. One is made of plastic. One is made of paper. One is made of waxed card. One is made of rubber. Tom wants to know which material is the bendiest. How can Tom test to see which one is the bendiest?
    The bendiest straw is the most flexible straw
  2. Ella's mum and dad have a plastic bag, a cardboard bag, a paper bag, and a leather bag. How can Ella test to see which is the strongest bag?
    Which one of the four bags do you think will be the strongest? Which do you think will be the weakest?
  3. Ali has a piece of paper and a piece of card. She wants to know which is the shiniest. How can she test to see which is the shiniest?
    Mirrors are very shiny
  4. Toni has four blocks of wood. The four blocks of wood are all the same size and weight. Some are smooth and some are rough. How can Toni find out which block of wood is the smoothest?
    How can you make a piece of wood smoother?
  5. Sarah has six glass bottles. They are all different colours. Sarah wants to know which glass bottle is most transparent. What can she do?
    Don’t forget, you can see through a transparent material
  6. Adam wants to find the stretchiest material.

    Adam has a piece of string, a piece of wool, a piece of cotton, and a rubber band. They are all 10 cm long.

    Adam ties a 50 gram weight to each one.

    What must Adam measure to find out which one is stretchiest?
    Which one of the four materials do you think will be the stretchiest?
  7. Grace has two boxes of tissues. Grace wants to know which tissue is best.

    She takes one tissue from each box. She puts them in saucers. Then she pours a teaspoon of water on each tissue.

    How does Grace know which tissue is best?
    The best tissue is the most absorbent
  8. Anna has a bag of flour and a bag of feathers. She wants to check which is the softest. What should she do?
    In this test, ask as many people as possible
  9. Freddie has two bottles of tomato sauce. He wants to know which one is the runniest. How can he test them to find out?
    This could be a messy experiment!
  10. Anna has a bag of flour and a bag of feathers. She does a test to decide which is the softest. She asks ten people to put their hands into the bags and say which is softest. Here are her results:

    7 people say the feathers are softest. 2 people say the flour is softest. 1 person says they are both as soft as each other.

    What has Anna found out?
    That was a hard question!

Author: David Bland

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