Plants - Farming
Most of the food we eat comes from a farm. Like these cabbages.

Plants - Farming

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with farming, keeping animals and growing plants as crops for food.

Where does your food come from? People go to shops and supermarkets to buy food. But how did the food get into the shops? Famers grow plants as crops. They grow cereals. The cereals are made into food. Farmers grow vegetables. We eat the vegetables. Farmers also grow plants to feed animals. Grass grows in fields. Cows and sheep eat the grass. We get milk and meat from the cows and sheep. We all need farmers and their crops so we have food to eat.

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  1. In winter we need to keep warm. What do sheep make to help keep us warm?
    Do you have a woolly scarf? Does it keep you warm in winter?
  2. What is the farmer doing?
    Ploughing a field is like digging a garden - just much bigger!
  3. What is the farmer driving?
    This tractor is blue. What is your favourite colour of tractor?
  4. Emily is pouring milk on her cornflakes. Where does the milk come from?
    Cream, cheese and yoghurt are all made from milk
  5. Some of our food is grown in other countries. What is this farmer planting?
    Rice is grown in paddy fields
  6. Milk comes from cows. What other food comes from cows?
    Beef is meat from cows
  7. Joe is having bacon and eggs. Where does the bacon come from?
    Bacon, ham and pork come from pigs
  8. Joe is eating two fried eggs. Where do the eggs come from?
    The middle of the egg is called the yolk. The yolk is yellow
  9. When are lambs born?
    Lambs love to run around and play
  10. Tom is eating cereal. Where does the food in the cereal come from?
    What is your favourite cereal?

Author: David Bland

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