Plants - Seeds And Bulbs
Plants grow from seeds or from bulbs like these.

Plants - Seeds And Bulbs

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with plants and how seeds and bulbs store food for germination.

At school and at home you have watched plants grow. They get bigger. Many plants flower. Seeds or bulbs store food for plants. You may have planted them and watched them germinate. You may have grown beans or sunflowers. They grow from the seed using the stored food. What do seeds and bulbs need to germinate and start growing?

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  1. This plant also grows from a bulb. What is it called?
    Daffodils flower in March and April
  2. These are hyacinths. They can grow from bulbs. What is stored in the bulb?
    Some plants grow from bulbs. The food in the bulb helps them to grow
  3. What do plants make in their flowers?
    Some seeds are very tiny. Other seeds are as big as beans!
  4. This plant grows from a bulb. What is it called?
    Snowdrops flower in January and February
  5. This is another plant that can grow from a bulb. What is this plant called?
    Tulips flower in April and May
  6. Where are strawberry seeds?
    Strawberry seeds are those tiny pips on the outside of the strawberry
  7. Beans are seeds. We eat beans. What is inside beans?
    Beans are full of food. All seeds are full of food. The food helps the new plant to grow
  8. When do most seeds start growing?
    Plants love to start growing in the spring
  9. What do seeds need to start growing?
    When seeds start to grow it is called germination
  10. Harry is sowing seeds. Where is he sowing the seeds?
    Have you ever sown seeds?

Author: David Bland

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