Papier-mâché can be made from newspaper and white glue.


This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS2 in Art and Design for children aged 7 to 11 in years 3 to 6. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with understanding processes and techniques, and it focusses on materials.

Children will have learned and then practised a variety of different processes and techniques to manipulate materials and media as they have progressed through KS1 and into KS2. They should understand how materials can be manipulated by different processes to achieve a desired effect, and they should also be able to make sensible predictions about what will happen if they combine materials in a piece.

How much do you know about art materials? Try this quiz on techniques and find out!

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  1. If a project is said to be 'Mixed Media', what does that mean?
    Many artists experiment with putting different media together - often with surprising results!
  2. If you wanted to repeat an image over and over again, what material might be appropriate?
    Cutting into the lino and printing the image gives a bold effect
  3. Which material would be most suitable for decorating a clay pot?
    Acrylic paints would give a strong coloured finish
  4. Which of the following materials would give the softest edges in a drawing?
    Pastels are very soft and can be smudged easily
  5. If you wanted to produce a painting of a landscape, which of the following materials would not be necessary?
    Other items you may need could include a canvas, an easel, rags, turpentine, water and a palette knife
  6. Which materials might you consider using to make a lightweight, three-dimensional model?
    You could use these materials to make papier-mâché
  7. Which of the following would be most appropriate for sculpting?
    Clay can be moulded, bent, squashed and rolled into many different shapes
  8. Which of the following materials would not be suitable to make a quick sketch in a sketchbook?
    Clay is a medium which results in a three-dimensional piece and could not be used for sketching
  9. Which of these could you use to create a collage?
    Collages can be made from just about anything!
  10. How could you 'fix' a charcoal drawing?
    Hairspray bonds the charcoal to the paper and stops it from smudging

Author: Angela Smith

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