People who help us
A coastguard helps people in trouble at sea.

People who help us

As part of your KS2 Citizenship lessons, you will learn about people who help us. Emergency services and rescue services are people who help us. As well as these services, there are many people in school, at home or out in the community who help us in lots of ways. Some people’s jobs are all about helping others such as when we are sick.

Throughout your life there will be times when you will require help such as if you have an accident or discover a fire. It’s important to know what to do and who to ask for help in these situations. There is a very easy telephone number to call in an emergency and it’s crucial to know this number without having to look it up or ask someone.

This quiz tests what you know about people who help us, not only in the all-important emergency and rescue services.

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  1. When we are hurt in an accident, which vehicle takes us to hospital?
    If it's an emergency the ambulance will have its siren on
  2. Which of these jobs is not helping people in the community?
    A bus driver helps us to get from one place to another!
  3. Which of these jobs is NOT done by a Police Officer?
    Do you know anyone who works for the Police?
  4. Which of these people help us cross the road?
    They are commonly known as lollipop men or ladies!
  5. Which people in the community do NOT wear uniforms?
    You can recognise a nurse, police officer and fire fighter from the outfit they have to wear
  6. Which of these jobs is NOT done by a Fire Officer?
    A fire would be unlikely on a sinking boat!
  7. In an emergency, which number do we call?
    NEVER call this number unless it is a real emergency
  8. What does a coastguard do?
    Coastguards are only needed in seaside towns and villages
  9. What does a Paramedic do?
    Paramedics can save lives if there are no ambulances immediately available
  10. Which of these people look after us in hospital?
    Have you ever been to hospital?

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