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Connectives / Conjunctions 02
Despite having a sprained ankle, he still refereed the football match.

Connectives / Conjunctions 02

Connectives and conjunctions are used for linking ideas together. When teachers talk about connectives, they usually mean conjunctions and connectives. This is because of the job these words do - they 'connect' ideas within and between sentences.

See if you know how these words work by trying this second English quiz on connectives and conjunctions.

Choose the correct connective to complete each sentence.
  1. Julia wanted to see the clowns ....... we both wanted to see the jugglers.
  2. She tried to catch the glass as it fell, ....... it was too late.
  3. The postman knocked at the door ....... he had a parcel to deliver.
  4. The doctor told me to ring her ....... my cough became worse.
  5. ....... I was younger, I loved playing with my toy train.
  6. We'd spent all our money. It was impossible, ......., to buy the new game.
  7. Stephen and Rob looked everywhere for their sister. ......., she had fallen asleep in her hiding place beneath the picnic table.
  8. ....... having a sprained ankle, he still refereed the football match.
  9. First, you should check that you have all the equipment. ......., you should clear your workspace.
  10. She looked for her glasses everywhere ....... she realised they were perched on her head.

Author: Sheri Smith

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