When the roads are full of traffic we call it congestion.


Damage to the environment is a major topic studied in KS2 geography. One aspect looked at is traffic and the problems associated with it, for example air pollution and congestion.

Vehicles moving on a road are known as traffic. Vehicles include cars, lorries, tractors and motorbikes. When the roads are full of traffic we call it congestion. Traffic can cause all sorts of problems for the environment. The roads eventually wear out and need to be repaired or rebuilt, not to mention the pollution caused by fumes that are released into the atmosphere from exhausts.

Take this quiz to see how much you know about congestion, pollution and damage to the environment caused by traffic. .

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  1. When a lot of traffic has built up causing problems what do we call it?
    Congestion causes traffic jams
  2. Which of these is NOT a consequence of congestion?
    The price of petrol is due to how much or how little of it there is
  3. How could congestion be eased?
    More roads would provide alternative routes for vehicles so the roads already there would become less busy
  4. What problems do building new roads cause for the environment?
    Fields have to be dug up to make way for new roads
  5. Which of these measures does NOT help to relieve congestion?
    Although you MUST wear your seat belt in the car as this may save your life in case there is a crash, this does not help relieve congestion
  6. What type of fuel does traffic use?
    Petrol and diesel are extracted from the ground by oil wells and oil rigs
  7. What problem is caused by burning fossil fuels?
    Greenhouse gasses are responsible for warming the atmosphere
  8. What alternative fuel is being introduced for cars?
    Electric power is cleaner than petrol and diesel, though is not as convenient to use yet
  9. What is a traffic problem especially in towns and cities?
    The lack of available land means that parking spaces can be very expensive
  10. Which of these measures help to relieve the problems of cars in cities?
    Durham was the first UK city to introduce a Congestion Charge in 2002. London followed a year later

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