Anglo Saxons in Britain
King Offa of Mercia built Offa's Dyke to separate his kingdom from Wales.

Anglo Saxons in Britain

A major part of KS2 history is about the Anglo Saxon culture in Britain. This is the last of four quizzes on the subject and it looks in particular at Anglo Saxon Kingdoms and Kings.

The Anglo Saxons conquered the southern part of Great Britain after the Romans had departed. Angles, Saxons and Jutes then settled and their leaders founded their own kingdoms. The Anglo Saxons replaced Celtic culture and society in much of southern and central Britain and the Old English language became the common tongue. After the conquest the Anglo Saxon kingdoms fought with one another for dominance. They were finally united as the country of England when Alfred the Great and his sons defeated the Vikings who had invaded the northern and eastern lands. Then, in 1066, the Normans invaded and William the Conqueror became the new king.

Take this test to see what you know about the Anglo Saxon kings, kingdoms and culture in Britain.

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  1. What did missionaries do?
    They were sent by the Pope in Rome
  2. Which king was killed at the Battle of Hastings?
    Harold was the last Anglo Saxon king of England
  3. Who invaded England in 1066?
    William the Conqueror came from Normandy and made himself king of England
  4. Who became King of England in 1016?
    Canute was also king of Denmark, Norway and parts of Sweden. He is most famous for the story in which he commands the waves of the sea to turn back, which of course they don't. This was to show his courtiers that human power is as nothing next to the power of God
  5. Who defeated the Vikings and became the King of England?
    England at the time was just the south and west of England. Alfred's sons, Edward and Æthelstan, drove the Vikings from the east and the north and claimed those lands as part of their kingdom
  6. Who began to raid England in the 8th Century?
    They eventually settled in the North and East which was known as Danelaw
  7. Who was Offa?
    Offa was King of Mercia from 757-796 and he is thought to be buried in Bedford
  8. Which kingdom defeated Northumbria in the 8th Century?
    Mercia centred on the Midlands, and Wessex in the South West, were the two most powerful of the Anglo Saxon kingdoms
  9. What happened to the Anglo Saxon leaders?
    Some of the more famous of these first kings are Hengist and Horsa - two brothers who were the first two kings of Kent
  10. What did Offa build to separate England and Wales?
    Mercia was often at war with Wales which lay along its western border, so Offa built the 150 mile long dyke to keep the Welsh out

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