Indus Valley
A potter's wheel was used to shape clay pots.

Indus Valley

Ancient history is explored by children in KS2 and one topic looked at is the civilisation which flourished in the Indus Valley in Asia during the Bronze Age.

The Indus Valley civilisation existed from around 3300 BC – 1700 BC during the Bronze Age. It was located in modern day Afghanistan, Pakistan and India in South Asia. It was spread over such a huge area of land that it was the largest Bronze Age civilisation known - much larger than Mesopotamia or even Ancient Egypt. Its cities were built in the basins of the Indus River, one of the major rivers of Asia. The civilisation is known for its cities built of brick, its roadside drainage system, its skill at crafting with metals and its multi-storied houses, as well as its un-deciphered writing found on thousands of ancient seals.

How much do you know about the Indus Valley civilisation? Take this quiz and find out.

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  1. What was done before any houses were built in Indus cities?
    The ancient Indus drains were more advanced than any others in the world at the time. They were even better than some in Pakistan and India today
  2. Which modern day religion may have some similarities with the Indus Valley religion?
    A picture of a god found in the Indus valley shows a figure with a headdress, surrounded by animals. This is thought to be an early form of the Hindu god Shiva, who is the lord of animals
  3. What might an important Indus Valley man have worn?
    A statue was found in 1927, of a man with a fillet around his head, an armband, and a cloak decorated with patterns that were originally coloured red. This statue has been named the "Priest-King"
  4. Where is the Indus Valley Civilisation found?
    The Indus river flows from the Himalayas to the Arabian Sea
  5. Which of these did the Indus Valley people trade with?
    The Vikings, Romans and Persians were not around as early as the Indus Valley Civilisation was
  6. What did the Indus Valley people use to shape clay pots?
    The potter's wheel was first used by the Indus Valley people around 3500 BC
  7. Several thousands of what have been found with pictures and writing on them?
    We don't know for sure what the seals were used for - mainly because we can't decipher the writing on them
  8. How many Indus Valley towns and cities have been found?
    The Indus valley was 5 times larger than Britain
  9. What can we learn from Indus Valley writing?
    No one is able to read the writing so it does not tell us anything
  10. Which of these Indus cities is the biggest?
    Mohenjo-Daro means Mound of the Dead in Sindhi, the local language

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