Vikings - Religion
The Norse God of Thunder, Thor, carried a hammer.

Vikings - Religion

One important part of KS2 history is Viking, or Norse, culture and this is the third of four quizzes on the subject. Specifically it looks at Norse mythology, religion and gods prior to the Vikings' conversion to Christianity.

The religion of the Vikings was a pagan belief in the gods and goddesses of Norse mythology. Their afterlife was composed of various places to go, such as Valhalla if you died bravely in battle, but the most common place to go was hel. The Viking Hel was not a place of torment like the Christian Hell - but it was a place of cold and darkness. The Vikings had many stories about the antics of their gods and some of our days of the week are named after them - Thursday after Thor for example or Friday after the goddess Frigg.

Take this quiz to discover what you know about Viking religion and Norse mythology.

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  1. Who were the enemies of the Gods who would one day destroy them in battle?
    The Frost Giants lived in Niflheim, a place of mists, snow and frozen rivers
  2. What was Freyja the Goddess of?
    As well as being the goddess of love, Freyja was also the goddess of beauty, fertility, gold, magic and death
  3. Who was the king of the gods?
    As well as being king of the gods Odin was the god of knowledge, magic, healing, death, battle, royalty, poetry and the alphabet
  4. What religion did most Vikings adopt in the 900s?
    Though most became Christians some people in Scandinavia were not converted until the 1700s
  5. Where did Viking warriors go after death in battle?
    If a warrior died in bed they would go to Niflheim
  6. Where did the Viking gods live?
    Asgard was linked to Midgard - where the Vikings lived - by a rainbow bridge
  7. What are the stories of the Viking Gods known as?
    The Norse myths are wonderful stories featuring heroes, gods, dwarfs and elves
  8. What did Thor carry?
    Babies were given a tiny hammer at birth for good luck
  9. Whose death did Loki cause?
    Balder was the son of Odin
  10. What was said to hold up the Earth?
    The Vikings also believed that the Earth was flat

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