KS2 ICT Quiz
Graphical modelling would be used for a plan of a new playground.


In KS2 one subject looked at in ICT is computer graphics. Children will see how they can be can go about creating images, how to use them and how they are displayed on a computer monitor.

Graphics are computer images displayed on a monitor. 'Graphic' means 'an image created by drawing or painting'. Computer graphics are images displayed on a computer screen. Although a screen is two-dimensional (2D), special software can help in creating 3D graphics such as you would see in a video game. Graphics programs can help us to edit photographs, illustrate text documents, make graphs and charts, or create works of art, as well as play games.

Do you recognise graphics when you see them? Can you use them effectively? How are you at creating them? Test yourself in this quiz.

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  1. What does the 'crop' tool do?
    This is useful if you want to make a picture a certain size or shape
  2. A 'fill' tool can fill a shape with what?
    Computers make tasks a lot easier - imagine having to colour all the shapes in by hand, it would take much longer
  3. When using a word processing package, you can change a shape by adding which of these?
    These are all options available to you
  4. Using a software package to create a 2D visual model of something you might create in 3D is called graphical modelling. Graphical modelling would be used for which of the following?
    The plan is a two-dimensional (2D) visual image of the new playground, which will, of course, be three-dimensional (3D) - modelling allows objects to be moved around much more easily in 2D than they would be in real life
  5. When you add graphics to a word processing document, some images appear to go behind other images. What can you do to control this?
    In some word processing programs, you can also choose to send objects behind or in front of other objects
  6. What does it mean to 'rotate' an object or image?
    You can rotate an image clockwise or anticlockwise
  7. You have 'grouped' several shapes in order to make the image of a train. If you change your mind and want to edit just one of the objects, what can you do?
    'Grouping' objects is helpful when you want several objects to behave as one object
  8. Photos can be edited by changing what?
    There are many ways you can edit your photos
  9. What does it mean to 'draw' using a software program?
    An object which has been drawn can be edited, deleted, copied or moved like any other inserted objects
  10. Which of these tools would you find in a paint package (computer program)?
    You use the eraser just as you would in real life, to erase your mistakes

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