KS2 Maths Quiz
Measures (Year 4)
You would use millimetres to measure a fly.

Measures (Year 4)

As children progress through KS2 they will learn more about measures in Maths. As well as understanding the different values of the metric measures (for example that 2 litres = 2,000 millilitres), in Year Four children will be exposed to some of the old imperial measures such as pints. They will also learn how to write measurements using more than one type of measure, for example 2.5 metres as 2m 50cm.

To measure liquid capacity, millilitres, centilitres and litres are used. These are called metric measures but we some times use other measures like gallons or pints. These are known as imperial measures. There are more imperial measures that we sometimes use - miles for long distances, stones for weights and inches for short distances instead of the metric kilometres, kilograms and centimetres.

Do you know your litres from your pints? Test your knowledge of measures by playing this quiz.

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  1. How many millimetres in one metre?
    The prefix 'milli' means the same as 11,000
  2. How do we write 451cm in m?
    Divide by 100 to convert centimetres to metres
  3. What is half of 1 metre in cm?
    1m = 100cm so a half of 100 is 50
  4. How many grams are equivalent to one quarter kg?
    There are 1,000g in a kg so divide by 4
  5. What is 6.45m expressed in metres and cm?
    Here the numbers to the left of the decimal point are metres. The first two numbers to the right of the decimal point are cm. If there was a third number to the right of the decimal point then all three would be mm
  6. Which of the following could be the weight of a small puppy, for instance a Chihuahua?
    A larger puppy, such as a Great Dane, can weigh as much as 1kg at birth!
  7. 10 millimetres is equal to?
    1m = 100cm = 1,000mm
  8. Which of these statements is true?
    A pint is slightly more than half a litre
  9. Which unit would you use to measure the length of a fly?
    Flies are very small so mm would be best
  10. What is one tenth of a litre in millilitres?
    There are 1,000 ml in a litre so divide by 10

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