KS2 Maths Quiz
Percentages (Year 5)
75% of 200 is 150.

Percentages (Year 5)

In Year 5, the third year in KS2, children will be exposed to percentages in Maths. They will be shown how to convert decimal numbers into percentages. They will also be shown the values of simple fractions, for example halves or quarters, in the form of percentages.

There are many ways of showing parts of whole numbers, like fractions or decimal numbers. Another way is with percentages. Percentage means the number of parts in 100. Percentage is used sometimes to give you a discount when shopping. You will come across percentages regularly in everyday life and therefore they are important to learn.

How much do you know about percentages? Can you convert decimal numbers and fractions into percentages? Find out with this quiz.

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  1. What percentage is one whole?
    Percentage means the number of parts in 100 so 100% is 100 parts - that's all of them!
  2. What is 75% of 200?
    75% of 100 is 75 so 75% of 200 is double 75
  3. What is 25% equal to?
    There are 4 25s in 100 so 25% is the same as 14
  4. What is 50% equal to?
    50% is also equal to 0.5
  5. Which fraction is equivalent to 1%?
    Remember that percentage means the number of parts in 100 so 1% = 1100
  6. What percentage is 110?
    10% is also equal to 0.1
  7. Which decimal is equivalent to 25%?
    0.25 and 25% are both the same as 14
  8. Which percentage is 0.75?
    0.75 and 75% are both the same as 34
  9. 45% of children in a class are boys. Which percentage were girls?
    The total should equal 100%
  10. How many percent is 0.2?
    0.2 and 20% are both the same as 15

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