KS2 PE Quiz
Game Tactics 2
In tennis, when you hit the ball before it touches the ground, it is called a volley.

Game Tactics 2

Game tactics is all about using strategy. This is the second of our quizzes about tactics used when playing games. The team who uses the best tactics is usually the team that wins.

In sports with teams, the players have extra tactics than those sports where there is just one player, such as tennis. If you think when a team is given a a corner in football, it is sometimes called 'set play' because each player knows exactly what they are going to do as they've practised it in training sessions. A tennis player doesn't have the benefit of another player (unless they are playing doubles of course).

This quiz is about some of the tactics you use in striking and fielding games such as rounders and cricket, and net/wall games such as tennis, badminton and squash. See if you can remember what you have learned in PE lessons.

  1. In tennis to outwit your opponent you should vary the height, direction and ....... at which you hit the ball.
    If an opponent is expecting a very fast ball, hitting it at a slower speed may mean they can't reach it
  2. When catching a ball, it is best to ....... ?
    If you close your eyes, how will you know where the ball is?
  3. Where would you put the best catchers in a rounders team?
    When the fielders are returning the ball to the posts, it helps if the person on the post can catch the ball quickly
  4. In tennis, when you hit the ball before it touches the ground, it is called a ....... ?
    Who is your favourite tennis player?
  5. Which of these is not a type of cricket bowler?
    These names are given depending on how the bowler bowls the ball
  6. When playing tennis where should you direct the ball into your opponent’s court?
    Remember the aim is to try to get your opponent to miss the ball
  7. When fielding why should you change your position for different batters?
    Some batters are also left-handed
  8. Which of these is not a position in cricket?
    A bowler is also a type of hat!
  9. When batting you should keep your eye on the ....... ?
    You need to know where the ball is in order to hit it
  10. When hitting the ball you should transfer weight from ....... ?
    This means the ball will go further

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