Letter Writing (Basics) 01
When you are writing a formal letter to someone you don't know then begin with 'Dear Sir or Madam'.

Letter Writing (Basics) 01

Layout and structure are two of the basics when it comes to letter writing. The English dictionary tells us that the word 'formal' means 'being in accord with established forms, conventions and requirements'! Letters can be written in both a formal and an informal manner.

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  1. Which of these would require an informal letter?
  2. The formal term for the ending of a letter is what?
    'Yours faithfully', 'Yours sincerely' and 'Best wishes' are all valedictions
  3. The formal term for the beginning of a letter is .......
    Dear John' , 'Dear Sir' etc. are salutations
  4. A letter beginning with 'Dear Sir/Madam,' should end .......
    Use a capital for 'Yours' and lower case for 'faithfully'
  5. A formal letter should begin with .......
    A formal letter could also use names as in 'Dear Mr. Smith'
  6. The date of writing the letter should be .......
    Always include the date as a point of reference
  7. An informal letter could begin with .......
    You'll write informally here as you know John by name
  8. A letter opening with 'Dear Mr. Blue' should end with .......
    Use 'Yours sincerely' when you know the person's surname. Remember to put a second 'e' in 'sincerely'!
  9. Which of these would require a formal letter?
    A blog is informal since it is often a type of online diary
  10. A letter beginning with 'Dear John,' could end .......

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