Letter Writing (Formal) 01
A formal letter should state the reason for writing in the first paragraph so that the recipient is not confused.

Letter Writing (Formal) 01

Formal letters are important, especially when applying for jobs. A well-written formal letter can be the first step to getting an interview.

Learn more about frameworks and new terms for formal letters in our second English quiz on Letter Writing.

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  1. Which information is used at the top right of the letter?
    Remember 'salutation' is the greeting you use
  2. Which information follows the details from question 1?
    The date is placed underneath the sender address
  3. How should the date be written in a formal letter?
    '24th July 2011' is correct
  4. What is on the left of the page and level with the date?
    The name and address you are writing to comes next
  5. What is written under the information in question 4?
    'Dear Sir/Madam' or 'Dear John' = salutation/greeting
  6. What might you include next in your letter?
    If writing for a job, 'Re: Position of Saturday Assistant'
  7. What should your first paragraph state?
    Your opening lines say why you are writing the letter
  8. Which term describes the middle of a letter?
    The body of the letter explains your purpose in detail
  9. The concluding paragraph states .......
    End with 'Yours faithfully / sincerely'
  10. At the very end of the letter you need to .......
    Sign the letter then print your name in capital letters

Author: Sue Daish

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