Writing Instructions 01
If you are asked to write instructions to make a cup of tea, you might start by saying "Pour fresh cold water into a kettle; heat the water."

Writing Instructions 01

Writing instructions can help someone carry out a task they are not familiar with, or have never done before. This English quiz is all about writing and speaking to inform. See if you are able to give a set of instructions to a learner who is making a cup of tea for visitors in response to the following questions.

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  1. What shall I do first?
  2. What shall I do next?
    Find tea, tea pot, cups, spoons, milk and sugar
  3. I have found everything. What next?
  4. I've done that. What now?
  5. I've put tea in the pot, now what?
    Pour on boiling water, stir, leave to stand for 3 minutes
  6. Is it ready now?
  7. Shall I pour it out now?
  8. Do I need to add anything to the tea?
    Add milk if you know that your visitors drink white tea
  9. What about sugar?
  10. And now?

Author: Sue Daish

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