Case Study Italy (Physical Geography) 01
Do you love all things Italian?

Case Study Italy (Physical Geography) 01

This KS3 quiz looks at the physical geography of Italy. The shape of Italy is often described as being like a boot. During the winter, it has relatively warm and wet weather but in the summer, most of the 'boot' is subjected to hot and dry weather. This climate makes farming very difficult, particularly in the southern half of the country where the soils are thin, not very fertile and usually on steep slopes. Italy has two important and well known volcanoes. Vesuvius is the one that destroyed the city of Pompeii in AD79 whilst Etna is active on Sicily.

The 'boot' joins onto Europe at the southern edge of the Alps. Here, several large lakes have formed - Garda, Como and Maggiore are three well known ones as they are popular holiday destinations. The Alps are not the only mountains of Italy, the Apennines run the entire length of the country from the Alps in the north west and right the way down to Sicily. They are lower than the Alps, the highest mountain is just under 3,000 metres in height.

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  1. The active volcano on Sicily has what name?
    Possibly the biggest eruption of Etna in historic times was in 1669 when about 3,000 people were killed
  2. How can Italy's climate generally be described?
    Hot, dry summers and warm, wet winters
  3. Italy's east coast is bordered by which sea?
    It separates Italy from the Balkan states
  4. Which mountain range runs down the centre of Italy?
    They started to be formed about 20 million years ago and that process is still continuing today. That is why there are many strong earthquakes in Italy
  5. Which island does not belong to Italy?
    Corsica is part of France
  6. What is Italy's longest river?
    The Po flows right across the north of the country
  7. Which is not an Italian lake?
    The 'Italian Lakes' region lies just south of the Alps
  8. Due to its shape, Italy is said to have what?
    The country is shaped like a boot
  9. The large northern lowland area is the North Italian what?
    It contains rich and fertile soils
  10. Vesuvius is an active volcano close to which city?
    Despite the dangers, Vesuvius is a major tourist attraction

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