Geography Skills 03
What is the best choice of map to show where people go on holiday?

Geography Skills 03

Test your geography skills in this KS3 quiz. Geography is mostly about data handling in one form or another. OS maps contain data that shows the location of geographical features like woods, valleys and buildings. A relief map shows data about the heights above and below mean sea level. The data on a weather map shows air pressure, temperature, wind speed and other related atmospheric phenomena. Different maps are therefore used for different purposes, depending on what data is to be shown.

Sometimes it is difficult to show some data using a map, so we use a chart instead. A good example of this is showing the climate for a particular place. When time is involved, maps are not very good at showing it. You need a different map for different times, so things can get quite bulky. To show the climate for a location requires data that covers a 12 month period, so you would need 12 maps. But then there is the problem of showing temperature and rainfall on the same map. The solution is to use a climate chart instead. The rainfall is shown using bars, like on a bar chart and the temperature is drawn as a line.

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  1. Maps using lines of different widths to show the value of data are called what?
    Useful for showing movements of goods, people and information
  2. Which map should be used to show air pressure?
    Isolines showing areas with the same air pressure are called isobars
  3. Which of the following would be the most appropriate way to show the link between changes in river velocity and rainfall?
    Scatter graphs help to identify relationships (links) between data sets
  4. What is the best choice of map to show ocean currents?
    You can use different colours to show which are warm currents and which are cold currents. Thicker and thinner arrows could be used to show stronger and weaker currents
  5. When would it be very difficult or even impossible to draw a line of best fit?
    The values will be scattered in no definite pattern
  6. On a scatter graph, if one value increases while the other decreases, it shows what?
    When both increase at the same time it's a positive relationship
  7. What does the line on a climate graph show?
    The bars on a climate graph show rainfall
  8. What is often at the end of a line on a flow map?
    The arrow head shows the direction of flow
  9. The link between number of doctors and life expectancy should be shown on what?
    You can then draw a line of best fit to spot any pattern
  10. Which creature gives its name to a type of diagram?
    You must have drawn loads of these! They are a great way of organising your thoughts or summarising information

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