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O. S. Maps 02
Very high mountains are coloured purple on atlases. (Photo courtesy of mikaku at Flickr.)

O. S. Maps 02

You will find contour lines on an Ordnance Survey map. The roots of Ordnance Survey go back to 1747, when Lieutenant-Colonel David Watson proposed the compilation of a map of the Scottish Highlands following the Jacobite rising of 1745.

See how much you know in our second Geography quiz in the series.

  1. Which of these is a type of map scale?
    3 -
  2. What do widely spaced contours tell us?
    2 - The closer the contours the steeper the slope
  3. What is not a reason for using symbols on a map?
    3 -
  4. Which saying helps us remember compass points from the top in clockwise order?
    2 -
  5. On an O.S. map what do the letters MS mean?
    2 - MP is milepost
  6. Atlases use what colour for very high mountains?
    3 -
  7. What does not have an O.S. symbol that resembles the real thing?
    1 -
  8. The difference in height between contours is the what?
    3 - Usually at 10 metre intervals, sometimes 5 metres
  9. The O.S. symbol for a picnic site looks like what?
    3 -
  10. Tourist information symbols are always what colour?
    1 -

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