Tourism 01
With the introduction of railways and the convenience of travel, UK holidays naturally increased.

Tourism 01

This KS3 Geography quiz asks questions on tourism. Tourism is an important industry for many countries, both LEDCs and MEDCs. It provides temporary jobs for people during the main tourist seasons and brings income to a region. Local people can earn money by providing accommodation and other services while established businesses like restaurants can increase their income by attracting as many tourists as possible. In some parts of the world, holiday resorts are built specially to attract tourists, for example, ski resorts. These will often have a wide range of facilities that are usually family-friendly.

The first package holidays were organised in the 1840s by a businessman called Thomas Cook. He did all of the organising including booking the travel and accommodation. At the time, this sort of holiday was only available to people who were well-off. After the second world war, in the 1950s, tourism increased dramatically as people had more money, more leisure time and the invention of the jet airliner cut travel times and costs.

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  1. Which of these statements is true?
    This is not always the case. Sometimes, especially in LEDCs, local people cannot afford to use the facilities
  2. Which is not a physical attraction of a holiday resort?
    Physical attractions are natural, not built by humans
  3. Which is not a reason for the rise in tourism since 1950?
    Before the 1950s, people who could afford to take a holiday usually stayed in their own country
  4. A trip to a faraway place is usually called what?
    Even on the fastest planes, it can take 24 hours to get to your destination
  5. A holiday to experience the customs of another country is described how?
    Some package holidays are specially designed so that you can experience as much of the culture of a country as possible in a limited time
  6. What type of holiday is fully arranged by a tour company?
    After several package holiday companies collapsed, leaving travellers stranded abroad, a lot of people lost confidence in package holidays
  7. Tourism is what kind of industry?
    It provides services for the travellers
  8. If a job only lasts while tourists are there, it is called what?
    Getting a seasonal job at a holiday destination is a popular way for students to travel and earn money at the same time
  9. Which of these tourist destinations is not in Asia?
    Kenya is in East Africa
  10. UK holidays increased after the introduction of what?
    Places like Blackpool suddenly got more visitors

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