UK Farming 01
Farming to raise animals such as pigs is known as pastoral farming.

UK Farming 01

This KS3 Geography quiz asks questions about farming in the UK. There are many specialist terms that are applied to farming. In Britain, there are three main types of farm. In fertile areas like Lincolnshire and East Anglia, most of the farms grow crops only. These are called arable farms. In upland areas, like the Pennines, Wales and Southern Uplands of Scotland, the soils and climate are not suited to growing crops and so farms are pastoral. A pastoral farm raises animals, usually cattle or sheep, although some farmers are now experimenting with other species. A farm that raises both animals and grows crops is called a mixed farm.

In LEDCs (for example, most of the countries in Africa) many farms are subsistence farms. They produce food only for the farmer and their family. Farms that produce high yields of crops or have a large number of animals are called intensive farms. Many lowland UK farms fall into this category and they use fertilisers and other methods to increase their output. Organic farms are farms on which the farmer uses only natural fertilisers and pest control. These farms are not intensive and have lower yields. That is the reason that organic food costs more.

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  1. Producing high output from a small area of land is called what?
    It is made possible by the heavy use of fertilisers or injections that make animals grow bigger and faster. Battery farming is a form of intensive farming
  2. In the UK, which slopes get the most sun?
    In southern hemisphere farms, the opposite is true
  3. A farm that only grows crops has what name?
    Arable farms are most commonly found in the lowland areas of the UK
  4. What word means the height and shape of the land?
    Only relief means the height AND shape
  5. Farming is what type of economic activity?
    Primary industry gets raw materials from the ground or the sea
  6. Growing fruit and vegetables on a large scale is called what?
    A lot of it goes on in the south-east of England
  7. What is the lowest temperature at which crops grow?
    This is an approximate figure, it is different for different crops
  8. Farming to raise animals is called what?
    The highest farms in the UK are usually sheep farms
  9. Which of these factors affecting farming is not a human one?
    Pests and diseases are a physical factor
  10. CAP stands for what Agricultural Policy?
    It was created by the EU to try and help farmers

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