Queen Mary Tudor 01
Queen Mary's father was Henry VIII.

Queen Mary Tudor 01

This KS3 History quiz is all about Queen Mary Tudor. Mary Tudor was the only child of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon to survive to become an adult. She came to the throne in 1553 and was the first queen of England since the Norman invasion in 1066. She ruled England for just over five years and earned herself the nickname of "Bloody Mary". The reason for this was religion. Her father had split England away from the Roman Catholic Church in Rome. However, Mary was a devout Catholic and so she decided that she would reverse her father's decision. To help to do that, she ordered that over 300 important Protestants should be burned at the stake for heresy.

When she came to the throne, Mary was unmarried and had no children. She realised that if she still had no children when she died, the throne would pass to her Protestant half sister, Elizabeth. That would mean that once again, England would return to being a Protestant country. She didn't like that idea and married King Philip II of Spain, but they had no children. She died aged 42 in 1558 and Elizabeth the first took her place as Queen of England.

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  1. Mary became Queen of England in which year?
    She acceded to the throne on 19th July of that year
  2. Who did she replace on the throne?
    Technically, Lady Jane Grey had ruled for nine days after Edward
  3. Who was Mary's mother?
    Henry VIII was her dad of course!
  4. Which Catholic ruler became Mary's husband?
    The marriage worried English Protestants. Had Mary and Philip produced any children, England would have been a Catholic country and the Protestants would have been even more heavily persecuted
  5. Those Protestants who died for their religion are called what?
    Mary ordered nearly 300 to be burned
  6. Who was NOT burnt at the stake?
    Foxe wrote 'Book of Martyrs' in the 16th century which detailed the deaths of the Protestants burned at the stake by Mary Tudor
  7. Cranmer, Ridley and Latimer were burnt in which city?
    Many leading Protestants fled abroad
  8. Which statement about Mary is false?
    The Book of Common Prayer was introduced by Edward VI - Mary got rid of it
  9. During Mary's reign, England lost which French town?
    It was our last possession in France
  10. Mary's reign ended in which year?
    The year that she died childless - possibly from flu or cancer

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