The Cold War 01
Winston Churchill first used the expression 'iron curtain'.

The Cold War 01

This KS3 History quiz is our first on the Cold War. The period of history that is called the Cold War lasted from the end of World War II until 1991, when the Soviet Union (USSR) collapsed. During WWII, The Soviet Union and other Eastern European communist countries fought alongside the Allies in order to help to defeat the Nazis. After the war, the temporary alliance ended. The reason was distrust. The boundary between the communist countries and democratic countries was referred to as the Iron Curtain. Churchill used this nickname because it was heavily guarded and many Eastern Europeans trying to escape to the west were either shot, or captured and imprisoned.

A few months after the war, the organisation known as the United Nations (UN) was formed. It was intended to ensure world peace. The principles of the UN were negotiated between the four main WWII allies - UK, USA, China and USSR but when it was established, 51 nations signed up. The USA and USSR did not agree with each other much and so the UN was generally able to carry out peacekeeping in situations that did not involve those two countries.

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  1. What was set up in 1945 to try and bring world peace?
    Its first meeting was in 1946
  2. The U.N. partly aimed to help those fleeing whose regime in Russia?
    Stalin was a brutal and ruthless leader
  3. The leader of the U.N. has what title?
    The first was Trygve Lie from Norway
  4. In 1948 the U.N. issued the Universal Declaration of what?
    It was intended to ensure that every human being had freedom of speech, belief and freedom from fear
  5. Many East European countries had what type of government?
    Stalin imposed Communism on many countries
  6. What barrier was said to divide Europe?
    It was called the Iron Curtain because it was hard for people to cross it to reach the democratic countries
  7. Who first used the expression 'iron curtain'?
    He had been the Prime Minister of Britain during WWII
  8. At that time Germany was divided into how many zones?
    Berlin, in East Germany, was also in four zones
  9. Which country did NOT occupy one of these zones?
    The USSR (Russia) occupied the fourth zone
  10. Which U.S. President had an anti-Communist policy in the 1940s?
    His policy was called the Truman Doctrine

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