The First World War 01
In 1914 Russia was not part of the Triple Alliance. The photo shows the flag of Russia.

The First World War 01

Test your knowledge of World War I in this KS3 quiz. Studying history is difficult because it can be tricky to find accurate primary sources that are not biased. Even with modern history, like the causes of the First World War, historians can disagree. Events had been building for about 30 years before war broke out. In 1871, the states of Germany defeated France in the Franco-Prussian war. The German states united after that to form an empire with a greater ability to develop a strong military force. During the first few years of the twentieth century, an increase in German military strength and their foreign policy worried several nations, including Great Britain, France and Russia.

The balance of power in Europe had become less stable. Two key alliances had been formed - one between Germany, Austria and Italy and another between Great Britain, France and Russia.

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The countries had other alliances too, so when a Serbian assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, they wanted justice. They issued several demands to Serbia. Serbia, supported by Russia, only partially accepted Austro-Hungarian demands, so Austria-Hungary broke diplomatic relations with Serbia. When a group of Serbian reserve soldiers crossed into Austro-Hungarian territory, shots were fired and war was declared on Serbia.

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  1. The war took place between which years?
    When it started in 1914, many people in Great Britain were sure that it would be over by Christmas
  2. Which Archduke was assassinated in June 1914?
    In Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia
  3. Franz Ferdinand was heir to the throne of which country?
    His wife was assassinated alongside him
  4. A month later Austria-Hungary declared war on which country?
    There had been many years of discontent between Serbia and the Austro-Hungarian empire
  5. Why was war declared on Serbia?
    Serbia refused to allow Austria in to find the assassin
  6. The murderer, Gavrilo Princip, belonged to which political group?
    The Black Hand was a secret military society
  7. Which word means countries agreeing to help each other?
    Especially at times of war
  8. In 1914 which country was not part of the Triple Alliance?
    Russia was allied with Great Britain and France plus several other countries
  9. What is another word for an alliance?
    The alliance between Russia, Great Britain and France was called the Triple Entente
  10. In July 1914 which country prepared its army to help defend Serbia?
    Russia and Serbia were allies

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