The French Revolution 05
Napoleon Bonaparte brought law and order back to France by ending the Revolution.

The French Revolution 05

This KS3 History quiz is our final look at the French Revolution. The storming of the Bastille is an event that occurred during the French Revolution. It was a fortress that was built in the fourteenth century to protect the eastern approaches to Paris. It was later used as a state prison. During the Revolution, it was stormed by a mob of revolutionaries.

Some history books suggest that it was done to free the political prisoners held captive there, but in reality, they wanted to steal the gunpowder for the guns that they had already stolen from the Hôtel des Invalides earlier. It started peacefully but the crowd grew impatient and tried to get into the inner courtyard. That's when things turned sour. In order to minimise the bloodshed, the governor of the prison surrendered and was murdered by the crowd.

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The French Revolution was said to 'devour its children' because many of those who began the Revolution were later killed themselves by fellow revolutionaries. There was a period during the Revolution during which many thousands of people were executed, usually publicly. A guillotine was used to behead them and in some cases, the severed heads were impaled on pikes and paraded through the streets.

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  1. Which word was not in the revolutionary slogan?
    Fraternity means 'brotherhood' - treating everyone with respect
  2. Which Committee was set up to protect the new Republic?
    Maximilien Robespierre was an influential member of this committee and is seen as being a central character in The Terror. When he fell out of favour, he was guillotined without a trial. That is regarded as being the end of The Terror
  3. What were tumbrils?
    Women used to knit while watching executions!
  4. Who led the Committee of Public Safety?
    The Committee decided to silence as many counter-revolutionaries as they possibly could by executing them
  5. Attacks on nobles and royalists was the Reign of .......
    Many nobles and supporters of Louis were beheaded but also clergy, middle classes, academics and working class people too
  6. Who were the moderate party who resented the power that Paris now had?
    They were regarded as being too moderate. Twenty-two of the most important ones were tried and beheaded a few days later. Allegedly, it took just over half an hour to carry out the beheadings
  7. In 1793 where did peasants rise in revolt against the new government?
    They wanted to have a king back in control
  8. Which revolutionary was stabbed to death in his bath?
    Killed by Charlotte Corday, a member of the Girondins
  9. Which small group briefly ran France after Robespierre's execution?
    It was a group of five people who ruled France from 1795 until 1799
  10. Who brought law and order back to France by ending the Revolution?
    He used the army to defeat the mob. France was now a military dictatorship with Napoleon as its leader

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